Bloggers of influence are re-blogging The Berkshire Blog

Yesterday Daniel Walker who’s LinkedIn headline describes him as a “Career Management Professional and Co-author at Mind the Career Gap” posted a blog on The Berkshire Blog which was immediately posted out to 87 business owners who have selected to get the posts emailed to them as soon as they are released…

Give it a try, sign up today, tomorrow your news could be reaching thousands of blog readers…

“But you said 87, not thousands? Jon, you really shouldn’t stretch it that far!”

Sorry, should have made myself a tad clearer…

After I posted the story, it was immediately emailed to Will Corry of The Marketing Blog who loved the story, used it on his blog & sent it out to 25,000 readers of his well established thrice weekly newsletter, after the story about Kate Upton in 6th spot…

And he’s not alone, I am happy for others to use the content and spread our bloggers messages far and wide… I’m looking for more bloggers to get that content flowing…

So, if you can scribble a good story, ask me to invite you in as a blogger and you can start sharing your stories with our readers…

And if you haven’t signed up to receive our latest blog stories as they are published you really should as you just don’t know what quality morsels of information our bloggers will be sharing next week… it could well be a story that leads you to your next big piece of business…

You’ll not know unless you tune in will you?

Two more signed up today so we’re on 89 since we launched on 4th July… would be nice to be on 100 for Monday… see what you can do to help it…

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
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