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Theresa May Accepts The Poisoned Chalice

Being Home Secretary can be the poisoned chalice in government and those those that take it on generally age before their time. They also don’t have much time for their local constituency and have to leave that job to others.

But ever since Theresa May became Home Secretary I have seen her at events locally, taking an interest and remarkably well informed.

She clearly takes an interest in Berkshire and Maidenhead in particular. I saw her again on Friday and heard her address to the Executives Association Thames Valley. She gave a polished speech despite probably suffering from jet lag. She had just returned from Afghanistan and that couldn’t have been a piece of cake.

The business leaders might have been a bit disappointed that she went “slightly off piste!” talking about the ways government is helping businesses by speeding up visa applications for people from the likes of China and India who have jobs waiting for them with companies investing in the UK. It is part of a plan to make UK more attractive to investors.

The organisation might have been disappointed that the message was not specifically about Thames Valley but it does have a relevance because there are loads of empty offices in the area waiting to be filled by companies attracted to the area because of its closeness to Heathrow and future potential with Cross Rail.

Theresa May did however provide the local flavour by being up to speed about the proposals to improve the waterways in Maidenhead and make the town centre more attractive. She clearly does shop in the area and also took on board worries by the membership about big firms being slow to pay small suppliers – a big worry to local companies who are feeling the pinch.

All in all, Theresa May was excellent value and a credit to her profession. Having just flown in from Afghanistan and Pakistan she clearly had big things on her mind but it was good to see that small business took equal place in her thinking. Well done Theresa May.

I am not a political animal by the way. I say what I feel about people I admire and Theresa May deserves top office because she is a good MP. I would say this regardless of her political colours. She looked tired I thought and I hope she doesn’t burn herself out. Many say she is destined for even greater things. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.

It has been interesting being on the sidelines and hearing and excellent politician and communicator work her way to the top.

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