3 thoughts on “Obama shuts down the US government

  1. Hi Jon
    As we are here in San Diego and have this constantly in the news we are lucky to have just left Yellowstone Park yesterday as it has now been closed, which will mean all visitors will need to leave as the roads will be closed. We think that its about the Congress blocking a budget because they don’t agree with the politics of it even though it seems to have been previously voted on.
    Government workers will apparently not be paid if they don’t unblock this.

    It will be interesting to see how they resolve this conflict of political views!

    Deborah Wharton


  2. Sounds to me Jon – like the H.O.R looked to force reforms to appease the Republican party hard-liners.

    Ironically – a bit like Deborah above – 17 years ago (on the last shutdown) I managed to visit the Grand Canyon (somewhere I’d always wanted to go) the day before Bill Clinton ran out of cash to balance the books and closed all the national parks.

    Back then – it was just cash-flow – and Clinton’s considerable achievements in fiscally repairing the US were somewhat overshadowed by another incident involving a stain on a dress (his own fault – the silly boy).

    This time around – it’s altogether more undesirable. You have a lot of old guard / old money prepared to hold an entire country to ransom – which is not a good role model to look to heal other established western economic models.


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