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Esto fortis et pvgna cvm antiqvo serpente

I took this picture at Eton College… I used google to translate the Latin and it is about finding the strength to slay the dragon and kick some butt… it felt appropriate for this story… if you can translate it properly I’d be interested to know… thank you.

After nearly 12 years of drumming up business for small business in Berkshire I have finally found a tune that has the X Factor! A tune that resonates with my inner being, allowing me to find the strength to spread the word far and wide…

Did you know that Heinz 57 was given its name because of the number of attempts Heinz took at coming up with the perfect tin of baked beans? I love my beans…

That’s possibly why it’s taken me so long to come up with the perfect package for local businesses in Berkshire who are looking at drumming up more business.

Times have been very tough for most small businesses. Obviously there are those that are flying high for their 15 minutes of fame who will probably, in a few years time, find themselves struggling to make ends meet as the shiny widget becomes common place.

It’s the nature of business… the ebb and flow of the tide of the product cycle driven by the moon and the pool of universal wisdom… aka common sense!

There is a theory that the reason new born animals know what to do without being directly shown by their parents is that they are tapped into the universal consciousness and they are shown a tape of how to do stuff as its needed… natures YouTube…

That’s why in the old days 12 people around the world would have the same new invention idea at the same time… 6 would do sod all about it… 4 would ponder their navel too much… 2 would be leading and then 1, not feeling confident that he can win fairly, would stab the other in the back… or his financial backer would most likely sort out the history books by paying a local publisher to print their version of the truth…

Point is, if you are ultimately going to win through then it probably will not come easy, you’ll have to stick to your guns through thick and thin, refining the mix until such time as you can hold it up, bang your drum and say, “Eurfekingrickakakakak! Here is the solution I’ve been looking for…”

In the world of small business where you can see the whites of the eyes of the business owner, the guy or gal making the decisions, then if you are me, you have to have something to offer that makes complete sense, offer’s great value and will ultimately generate the results we are all looking for… not the snake oil most are happy or foolish enough to represent.

I can’t sell someone else’s products without them paying me £50k a year so I can be sure of paying my bills… most small businesses can’t stretch to that or even come close… and I have a inner need to help small businesses so I had to come up with a formula that works and this has taken best part of 12 years while elements come together… I’m probably on my 57th version!

Yesterday in a meeting a fresh approach was shown to me which flicked a switch in my head and made the difference… I’d been trialing an idea, finding new prospects for a couple of clients which takes time, the answer came to me, they give me a list of companies they have identified they would like to be doing business with… this is important switch as it will be of much more “value” to each member…

There are three options:

ICE BREAKER £247 per month

• Each month we’ll ask you for a list of up to 12 companies, just their names, and a reason why you’d like us to say hello. We’ll knock on the doors, break the ICE and report back on the engagement, bringing back the relevant information.

ICE BREAKER + Berkshire Blog £347 per month

• We invite you to submit up to 4 articles / case studies per month. If you don’t have a copy writer we can introduce you to those that would be willing to help you for a fee.

• The article will contain your message plus a call to action, with the ability for the reader to ask easily for more information. We will top & tail, adding a form before publishing to our registered followers via The Berkshire Blog.

• A link will also be shared via our LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter channels.

• Each week we email thousands of registered contacts, some of whom have been receiving our communications since 2002!

• We’ll encourage you to start discussions in our Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group. Supporting you in that engagement by making suggestions & actively getting others involved.

• It’s always a good idea to have a theme for each month… some may well be repeated… this allows us to vary your call to action making things more interesting for our readers, old & new, and those strangers we come across who so need to know you exist on the planet!

• We’d also encourage you to have a half day event each month. That might be a seminar, focused networking, mastermind group or an open day, allowing people to bring their questions to your door… each call to action can have this as part of it. This could be hosted at your premises or a local venue.

The monthly fee doesn’t include content creation or event management but we can introduce you to those who can be of assistance.

ICE BREAKER + Berkshire Blog all you can eat buffet & some £POA per month

We also organise our own networking events and tie in with others who compliment our way of doing business.

I hope you’ll agree that the above offers excellent value for money and I look forward to talking through the specifics of your needs… please complete the form below and I’ll call you within 24 business hours… thank you.

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

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