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Telegraph Men need media’s most eligible man

While working on my Maps4News mission this week I had opted to go find some new connections at The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent & The Times…

Most publications are focused on working out how to drive revenue from their new digital divisions and having two great solutions for them to consider… is a great example of using both the maps & the hot spot overlay together… with the potential to be great revenue generators in the right hands, it is my job to try and get noticed via those opportunities that present themselves.

Twitter proves a very attractive channel to those in the media because of it’s instant nature… I’d say 80%+ of the front line journalists are on there and a significant proportion of senior management because they have to know what’s going on in the world right now… news is their business… abc…

So looking to connect to the guys and girls at The Daily Telegraph, which is showing 12 million newspapers and an online media growth of some 156%, I focused my day around Twitter… spotting a competition run by the paper, it’s fair to assume all key people will be interested in the results, it felt like it would be a serious missed opportunity not to put my hat in the ring… stop it, it’s not that sort of men’s competition 😉

I was on the Telegraph Media Man site, if I’d made the cut then it would have been about getting those who work in agencies to vote for me and since I want to introduce the agencies to both the map4news and thinglink creating a page under makes for an easy url to share which makes the most of all worlds.

I got culled due to not having more than me in my “agency”… never mind, worth a try… next!

Thank you.


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