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China Joins Nuclear Fuel Race – What Does The Voice of Berkshire Business Think?

The fog has lifted.  All is clear.  It hasn’t taken long to realise why Home Secretary Theresa May recently told Berkshire Bosses that the Home Office was working out ways of reducing the red tape for UK based Chinese companies to bring their employees to the country.

Hot on the heels of an announcement that the Chancellor has announced a number of measures to simplfy visa application process for visitors to China, news has come in that Chancellor George Osborne, has given the green light for Chinese companies taking a stake – including potential future majority stakes – in the development of the next generation of British nuclear power!

He made the announcement at Taishan nuclear power station in Southern China on the final day of this week’s visit to China. Taishan is a collaboration between French energy company EDF and the China General Nuclear Power Company. Big wheels within wheels it seems.

While any initial Chinese stake in a nuclear power project is likely to be a minority stake, over time stakes in subsequent new power stations could be majority stakes. We are being told that any investment from any country has to comply with rigorous regulatory standards for safety and security.

Phew, that’s a relief!  I know typhoons and tidal waves are highly unlikely on our shores but safety surely has to be number one priority?  I am sure this debate has only just begun and some people will get hot under the collar about it, especially those who have seen our own industry destroyed by lack of investment and lobbying by the climate change protesters.

It is a major topic. It is amazing what is happening.  Big money talks. Alot is at stake.  The Home Office has confirmed the PM himself is heavily involved in the recent deals.  He apparently took a close and active interest in the steps taken to succeed in the global race. He supported what the Chancellor was doing and plans to go to China again himself. No wonder Theresa May “went off piste” and debated a national topic at the recent lunch of Berkshire Executives in Maidenhead.

Naturally the government big guns are enthusiastic.

The Chancellor said:

The Chancellor said: Today is another demonstration of the next big step in the relationship between Britain and China – the world’s oldest civil nuclear power and the world’s fastest growing civil nuclear power. It is an important potential part of the government’s plan for developing the next generation of nuclear power in Britain. It means the potential of more investment and jobs in Britain, and lower long-term energy costs for consumers.

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Edward Davey said:

This is an exciting development, strengthening our relationship with China in a way that will benefit both countries. Investment from Chinese companies in the UK electricity market is welcome, providing they can meet our stringent regulatory and safety requirements.

Join in the Berkshire debate and let us know your views.  We have the Home Secretary on our patch and should get our voice heard.

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2 thoughts on “China Joins Nuclear Fuel Race – What Does The Voice of Berkshire Business Think?

  1. EDF numbers Gordon Brown’s brother among their key management team.

    Gordon swore it wasn’t why the government chose EDF to deliver their nuclear power programme – when the choice process wasn’t well observed back in 2008.

    It seems the introduction hasn’t gone to waste.

    But the implication that Chinese Nuclear will be less safe is unfounded. They’ve had a nuclear arsenal for decades and, unlike the UK, US and USSR have had no documented cases of failure.


  2. Jon this really riles me up . Where was the whistle blower at the Ber kshire Lunch ? Warren Buffett spoke up yesterday , today our Pols tell us they’ve hocked our childrens fuel bills to the Majority Share Holder in 2030+ . Last year they “paid off ” the Banks in time for the next Grand Heist Auto Style . Words completely fail me I don’t live in Berkshire , have noticed BB from time to time and this is the first item that has “reached ” me where live & breath . Usually listening to the antics of the US, Us and China , not to say Europe and Africa with Japan and Koreas in between,I was surprised at the speed with which this Floggit Episode uncovered the machinations of Nu Clear Tomorrow – . One year we are broke , next year we rush off into the blue blunder to screw the People of the future with profit streams for Them , Others , not even Us Pension Fund National British Bank . ! We flogged off the water , flogged of the gas and the shale ,now we can’t wait to flog off the Radiation Clear Up Contracts ! How can it be ? Safe Nuclear is Sun Nuclear, Renewable is Daily and Safe means not only now but also later . Can’t afford it ? Can’t afford not to. Call a National Learning Emergency .Have an Evolution. Time to do things differently . our Incumbent Management a message dated 17/10/2013 11:21:57


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