wycombe business expo

What’s Rodney saying to that nice young man from MAS?

Answers on a postcard… or TWEET!

Wycombe Business EXPO is gearing up to attract local business owners to Adams Park, Sands Industrial Estate, High Wycombe HP12 4HJ next Tuesday 22nd October 2013.

I am currently looking to connect with those in the media through my @onthisdayblog Twitter Channel after establishing that 85% of journalists use Twitter very frequently. One chap I’d like to talk to, a decision maker with Newsquest, has an office at Bucks Free Press and I recalled the Wycombe Business EXPO… wondering if they were still sponsoring it and when it was… blinking heck, it’s next week…

Seeing Rodney (Rod) Mallinson’s boat race peaking out, it was far too much for me to resist taking the Michael… well it is Friday afternoon & he is posh you know! Figured we could do a caption competition to get this party started.

The juxtaposition of Rod going, “Tweet, tweet, tweet…” and the signage saying “MAS Works” just tipped the balance… little known fact, I designed and pushed out the first every html email newsletter for MAS back in 2003/4… I know, is there no end to my talents?

Clicking through to Rod’s LinkedIn Profile we can see he is Director at The Confidence Centre Limited… so he’s obviously built of stronger stuff than most of us and it would be rude, some would say negligent, for “all of us” not to test his confidence, make sure he is what he says on his tin!

We’ve got all weekend and next week to chortle on this…

Please tweet @berkshireblog #rodderssays “blarr, blarr, blarr” @WycombeExpo

and we’ll merrily re-tweet them so the virtual air will be filled with the confident sound of Lesser Spotted Rodders’ making sweet music to our ears… tee hee…

It’s not every day a plan comes off, let’s make this a good un folks 😉

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