Looking for another totally engaging LinkedIn Group

In November 2012 I came up with the LinkedIn Core Group Metric to help determine the value of a LinkedIn Group and in taking a look at one of my favourite groups today, it proved it works…

Mark Longbottom created the “Let’s Talk Here” LinkedIn Group in December 2011 frustrated at the lack of real engagement in most groups, he created a place where people couldn’t promote & had to engage in real conversations!

I’m pleased with my Business in Berkshire Group, we have some good conversations but there are still many members who simply pitch… possibly due to my own promotional activity, I’ll work on polishing that in 2014.

My BinB Group scores between 7 – 30 depending on the week BUT Mark’s Let’s Talk Here Group scored a massive 425 when I put it through the LICGM mixer!

You can find out more about the LICGM here and here is the formula (comments / discussions) * (1000 * discussions / members) = CDMDM or CGM = LinkedIn Core Group Metric.

Check out Mark’s rules below and if you can comply, go request entry, see you in there…

Let’s Talk Here Group Rules

Provide a platform for open and expressive discussion.
Sharing thoughts and experiences of online and offline conversations.
To encourage engaging activity between members and to have a good time.

Any discussion that is a direct promotion, piece of marketing or spam will be deleted.
Always post a title and details, never just a link to yours or any other website – always add details.
Never be abusive, threatening or harass anybody whether group members or non group members.
Discussions linked to blogs will be deleted, the idea is to talk here not market your blog or website.
Never sell or promote multi level marketing posts or pyramid sales of any kind.

Ask questions, answer questions.
Share thoughts and experiences, include relevant links and case studies.
Engage with constructive criticism giving positive feedback.
Like comments and discussions because you do, not because you can.
Do not promote events or services through the discussions Tab.
Share the group with your contacts by inviting them to join the group.

We reserve the right to monitor postings and without further notice delete inappropriate posts and misplaced posts.
If your post has been moved in error, please contact the group administrator.

Can you comply with this? If you can… come on down…

Thank you.

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