How to control my weight

Is this a first, a process to lose and control weight? No products, eating plans or diets.

My doctor was very impressed with the process I am using to lose and control my weight he suggested I should share it.

After three months I lost 15lbs 7oz, or 7.0 kgs, and went from using the fattest hole in my belt to the third fattest hole.

I did not purchase any special foods or eating plans, and there was no calorie counting or major change to my daily routine.

The Logic Behind The Process

I felt if over a week I ate a bit less of the food and snacks I normally ate, drank a bit less of the fizzy, sugary or alcoholic drinks I normally drank, and allowed 4-5 hours between eating anything, I would lose weight.

If I ate at a pace that allowed me to savour the flavour and waited 10 minutes between courses it helped me feel “full” after eating less.

If I was struggling to last 4-5 hours between eating anything and getting hunger “pains” or tummy rumblings I drank water. I used no added sugar lime squash to add flavour or ate some fresh fruit or a couple of teaspoons of tinned fruit.

My body is adjusting and these “discomforts” are now far less frequent.

Treats Are Allowed

I found on occasions I needed to have a treat, so I did, and still do. It was a two finger dark chocolate kit kat or a couple of chocolate éclairs or two small custard tarts, a few squares of dark chocolate or the occasional fast food whilst watching my favourite sport.

The Logic Works

I have experimented with the amount of food I eat relative to my activity level, and when I eat more than I burn or use my weight increases, and when I eat less my weight decreases.

In Conclusion

My work, social and daily life has not been affected and I am feeling great.

It is more than weight control.

  • Broaden Your Horizons – never be afraid to try
  • Achieve Peak Performance – you’ll wish you had done it sooner
  • Enjoy A New Life – like you have never lived before

Could this process help educate and save the NHS millions?

Thank you and good luck…

David McCullochDavid McCulloch
Project Management – How To Control My Weight and How To Build Winning Football Teams
Reading, Berkshire
07898 259 376
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