Are you into heavy metal or do you prefer lighter metals?

I’m a poet and I do know it… well it is POETS day which, in the good old days when we all had jobs that paid us a fair living, company cars, petrol cards and boots full of quality samples & “damaged” stock, which made us the toast of our neighbourhoods, stood for Piss Off Early, Tomorrows Saturday…

I like to think those samples contained all the proper ingredients which, probably due to the accountants ruling the roost, are being stripped out of products and substituted with cheaper poly fillers which just make us feel full, wanting more or in awe of the product that we just have to have more next time we go to the supermarket…

Not really understanding that we are simply poising ourselves slowly and paying for the privilege! Justifying to ourselves because everyone else is doing it, what the heck… when I was 18 I started smoking, what a dick, I did it cos those around me were and I wanted to fit in… last time some smoker asked if he could sit down when I was sitting outside a cafe in Windsor he got short-shrift from me as he lit up… “Well it’s not illegal, he says to me…” “It’s bloody bad manners, if you want to kill yourself fine but not me or those around you trying to enjoy a sunny day, now do one you **** before I get my fat arse out of this seat!” Now breathe…

Great news, Jazzmouse, the world famous music producer who works with the likes of the BBC Philharmonic, Juan Martin & The BBC Big Band to name drop but three has kindly agreed to be a Berkshire Blogger and talk mind, body and soul man… he studies the mind as an active Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist… he knows all about real food… and is obviously a music professional so will rock this joint!

Paul made this dream happen for me and perhaps we can sell the finished track for charity again this Christmas, I’ll find out…

Ladies & gentlemen please welcome @jazzmouse go send him a tweet… #clapclap might be appropriate 😉

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

P.S. As I went to gather my signature from a previous post I noticed he’s already writing his first post… must be on the road… loving his work!

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