Paws for thought

I thought I was barking mad when I saw my little Cavalier King Charles copying me working on my computer . She already likes watching tv and is especially fond of Lady and the Tramp which she watches in its entirety, alongside Cats and Dogs and a host of wildlife films.

Even my little grand daughter has taken to tapping the screen of her mum’s smart phone to communicate. It has got me thinking about the age we are living in and the wonders that seem to happen daily. It is hard to keep up with it all.

I interviewed internet whiz, Elton Boocock from Urban Media on radio Marlowfm yesterday and he was talking about the internet revolution he has witnessed in a few short years. He says the name Google has entered the vocabulary in the same way that Hoover and Selotape have become synonymous with vacuum cleaning and sticky backed plastic. Even if we are not using Google to surf the net we all refer to Googling. It has become a way of life.

Someone wanted to contact me yesterday and thought it odd that I wasn’t on Facebook last night receiving his message. I do have a life and as it happens I was at Bisham Abbey taking part in a quiz to raise money for the local church roof fund. It was a blessing all round that the walls were so thick, txt messages couldn’t be received or sent. I do want to do something else but somehow people expect us to be Face booking and emailing everywhere we go. Even on holiday.

There is a rather irritating advert on tv at the moment where we see someone marching down the street watching tv on a smart phone, oblivious to street and road hazards. I guess there will be those who don’t see anything wrong with walking along not looking where you are going.

There has already been a rise in accidents because of people texting in the street, in cars and so on. Now, there is bound to be a string of accidents because of people watching tv. I saw a foreign lorry driver watching tv when I was stuck on the M25 a few months ago and he didn’t switch it off when we got moving. Crazy.

Even crazier maybe is a new app on test called CrashAlert which aims to help save people from themselves. It involves using a distance-sensing camera to scan the path ahead and alert users to approaching obstacles. The camera acts like a second pair of eyes – looking forward while the user is looking down.

I can see the value of something like this for my blind friend. What I say for the rest of us is for goodness sake get a life. Put the phone away. Switch the computer off. Get out into this beautiful countryside of ours and open your eyes to the gorgeous scenery with eyes wide open. Enjoy your families without emails pinging into your conversation and stop the computer taking over our lives. In the meantime I will enjoy my pet being my personal assistant and taking the electronic strain.

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