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The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Best Bloke in your life

Don’t go wasting your money on any old crap this Yuletide, make sure you invest it wisely for the future… and if your chap is going to be a Best Man in 2014 then how about you get him a STAG IN A BAG?

You know what blokes are like, help him out a bit Mrs & he’ll be grateful for years to come…

stag in a bagBUY NOW

An excellent evening of entertainment, providing up to 5 hours of hilarious dares, saving you time and frustration & ensuring the perfect night for your Stag!

A bundle of Stag Dares…

To make any Stag Do perfect you need:

  • Tried and tested stag dares
  • The perfect stag do ideas to break the ice
  • A way to ensure the opposite sex join in and add to the fun
  • Enough content to last an evening including;
  • t-shirt, tankard, hancuffs, candy bra, costume, wax strips

stag in a bag targetStag in a Bag keeps the party going, making sure you deliver the perfect stag do, it costs just £69.00 plus P&P and contains all you need to send the Stag off in style.

  • Stag in a Bag gets the whole stag group involved
  • Stag in a bag provides a set of dares which are selected on the sound of a buzzer throughout the day.
  • You set the time interval and the Stag will wonder what’s next? Everytime the buzzer goes off!
  • The ‘Dares’ pocket contains the dare chips; one of these will be drawn by the Stag on the sound of the buzzer. The props and full instructions are included in the rucksack.

To ensure everyone gets involved all the group’s names are included in the ‘Who’ pocket and these are randomly selected to help the Stag overcome any resistance.

Stag Bag includes a mighty fine tankard PLUS…

staginbag_32T-Shirt – Smell the Fear
At the start of the day you should get the Stag to change into the T-Shirt. When the “Sign-on” chip is drawn all the stag party and anyone else can use the permanent marker pen to sign the T-Short. An item of clothing the Stag will treasure for a long time. Our Standard “Smell the Fear” branding is available in various sizes, you will be asked to confirm size in your shopping cart.

staginbag_32Buddy Up
For ‘Buddy Up’ the Stag must pick a further chip from the ‘Who’ pocket. The stag is then handcuffed (non-drinking wrist) to that member of the stag party until the ‘Key’ chip is drawn. This could take 30 minutes or 4 hours, it’s all down to the luck of the draw. The person handcuffed to the Stag must follow him everywhere so you better hope the Stag went earlier!

staginbag_32Chain Gang
For the ‘Chain Gang’ dare loop the chain around the Stag’s ankle and padlock it, then loop the chain through the tankard’s handle. Finally the other end of the chain is looped around the Stags drinking wrist and padlocked (it doesn’t have to be too tight). Adjust the distance from ankle to wrist to force the Stag to lift his leg each time he drinks. Hours of fun! (the Key chip does not apply)

The ‘Poser’ dare gets the Stag to remove his trousers and show off his boxers. Let’s hope he is wearing some…… You might want to add a Posing Pouch or Mankini if your Stag will go that far.

staginbag_32Dress Up
The ‘Dress Up’ chip provides the Stag with a means of showing off his posing pouch in the form of a Kilt or Tutu. It’s attached with Velcro which makes for a fast release when you want to show him off to the girls. For added posing power in the kilt, you could cut a hole under the sporran to allow the pouch to poke through

‘Knickers’ requires the Stag to pull a name from the ‘Who’ pocket. That member of the Stag party must acquire a pair of knickers / thong for the Stag within an hour or face the forfeit that the Stag party sees fit

staginbag_32Candy Bra
Provided in the Bag is a Candy bra (one size fits most). Get your Stag to remove the t-shirt and put on the bra. Then get him to pick a few names from the ‘Who’ pocket. Those members of the stag party must now go and grab some girls to come and get their candy fix by eating his Bra

staginbag_32Wax on Wax Off
‘Wax on Wax off’ is shown in the diagram overleaf. When the Stag draws the ‘Wax on Wax off’ chip he must then select a name from the ‘Who’ pocket. That member of the group is then responsible for selecting and talking a lucky lady into waxing the Stag’s legs/back/???? with the wax strips provided. Remember missing eye brows may make your wedding invite null and void.

staginbag_32Best Man 1 and 2
The ‘Bestman 1’ and ‘Bestman 2’ chips are for any further dares / stitch ups you want to include. Ideas that have been used in the past include hats, outfits and strippers.

Now that sounds like the perfect Best Man 2014 Christmas Gift to me… how about you?

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
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