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Helping Heroes – Keeping Karma

I tried a social media experiment this year, I tried to give away studio time. Bare in mind the surest state of the economy I was astonished by the lack of response from people across the board.


So when Frankie Manning, landlady of the Queens Arms pub, was asking for prizes for a ‘Help for Heroes’ raffle I thought I’d try again… “Can I give you a free day in the studio?” She, and her husband Phil, said yes immediately and the deal was done. Easy I thought…

The draw was in May and it’s taken till now to sort out the prize. The winning bid was in excess of £200 and the lucky winner bought the prize for his son. Now kids are funny… if you give them something for free they tend not to be interested. Something to do with wanting to see a parent sweat, earn money and spend it I suspect. Jeff’s son couldn’t get it together and so with the autumn tours looming I had to issue an ultimatum.

Annie Gough was the lucky recipient and she wrote, played and recorded three songs.

Here’s one of them…

The power of keeping Karma!


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