Jonathan Ross becomes Xbox One games producer

This is brilliant, Jonny Ross is living his dream, makes a couple of games and then Microsoft sign him to produce games for Xbox One… is this the next football? Celebs being signed to make games…


Microsoft has made an unexpected new job appointment, hiring Jonathan Ross to act as an executive producer for new Xbox and mobile games.

He doesn’t seem to have been given a proper job title yet but Ross will ‘advise’ various Microsoft teams in the UK, including Kinect Sports developer Rare and Fable maker Rare. Although he won’t be a full-time employee.

Ross has already provided voices for characters in Fable III, as well as having a cameo in Halo 3, and is well known as a fan of video games, movies, comic books, and pop culture in general.

He also runs his own mobile games developer called Hotsauce Interactive, which made the rather good endless runner Catcha Catcha Aliens. So as much as this news sounds like a press stunt Ross does actually have some experience as a games producer.

‘We wanted to change our thinking’, said Microsoft’s Phil…

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