London Underground Paddington

Does travelling on London Underground cause you stress?

I was in London yesterday, meeting with one of the big newspapers which I hope will turn into business for my guys. Turns out, when free papers were introduced to the London Underground their customer complaints went way down!

Travelling on London Underground does seem to impact differently on people…

Mate of mine will not go near it, he drives into London and pays those ridiculous parking fees… he hates being enclosed in tight spaces.

Lady sitting next to me as I took this photo was getting stressed because she’d had to wait 2 minutes already… wanted to tell her to chill out but I could feel that would have lead to a conversation that would have gone on way longer than necessary.

There was a mum with her two chicks… they were over 10 & standing close by, not more than a hair’s breadth from her side… a day out this half term.

A little China girl, no more than 4 years old was standing a few feet from her mum… obviously a local feeling comfortable in this environment.

You don’t hear many local accents on the tube but then do you? Are we just so cosmopolitan now that in fact, 50% of those you might think of as tourists are living in the city, adding to its attraction for the young… what a place to live if you are 25 just looking for the next party!

As I left my meeting, I called into Pret a Manger High Street Kensington for a tuna salad and got talking to a nice lady from Notting Hill, telling me how she had attended a party recently with Prince Harry and it had been cuddles all round… she was in her golden years and what a story she had to tell…

Don’t get all stressed by travelling on the tube, take 5 minutes to chat to folk along the way, it will take your attention and make the journey much more interesting… you never know what you might learn…

And don’t forget to look out for Paddington Bear at the station 😉

Thank you.


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One thought on “Does travelling on London Underground cause you stress?

  1. and don’t let northerners make you believe they are the only ones who talk to people. No need to bother with local, it’s time we proved as a race we able of learning from each other and not having prejudices as we move around the planet.


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