Church Street cobbles

You built it so why risk losing it all?

You spent so much time and money on building a thriving business. The worry and stress of kicking it off were all worth the effort. What surprises me is that so many owners and senior managers seem to think that their work is complete.

Security of their assets and resilience of fundamental resources is all too often taken for granted. Business continuity doesn’t just belong to large corporations.

The wise realise the risks and consequences of losing control of basic business operations. Like it or not, there are some things which just happen, even if you do everything you can to avert them. The trick is to think about what may go wrong and consider a suitable contingency.

Make a list of the realistic risks. Some call this a “Risk Register”. If they are likely to hurt your business, assign a contingency measure for each significant risk.

Balance the cost of contingency against the potential cost of business disruption and capture recovery activities into a single document or group of documents that you can read from anywhere on any device.

Now train your people on how to manage and use the process. Business continuity made easy. If it needs further explanation I’d be delighted to help.

It’s just good business sense…

Give me a call, or complete the form below, I’ll ask a couple of questions and offer some thoughts, we can then decide the next steps.

With kind regards – Gareth

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