Come join us at NRG Reading on 19th November

NRG Reading is relaunching on 19 November at the Moathouse Hotel.

Kick off at 1200. Meet interesting people who may be referral partners, customers or advocates for your business. Some might be able to share intelligence, contacts and know-how. Others might help you fix your problems.

Also learn how to make no pressure, zero objection cold calls…

Date: 19 Nov 13
Venue: The Moat House, Mill Lane, Sindlesham, Reading, RG41 5DF
Price: £30.00 (£36.00 inc. VAT)


12:00: Open Networking – Meet other attendees informally
12:20: NRG Lunch starts – Introduction from Group Leader
12:30: Introduce yourself to others on your table
13:10: Mastermind Session at each table
13:55: Expert Speaker will share their expertise on a business topic (not a sales pitch)
14:25: Member notices and invitation to guests to join
14:30: Close

Speaker: How to make zero objection, no-pressure cold calls

Worried about where your next bit of business is coming from?

Terrified about the prospect of making those cold calls?

Does the fear of rejection or interrupting get to you?

You know you have to do them but you find all the reasons why other things are more important in your diary?

Marcus Cauchi of Sandler Training will take you through a process where you will discover how to get your prospect’s attention and get them to buy from you.

Marcus CauchiMarcus Cauchi
07515 937221

Marcus became a licensed Sandler franchisee in 2004. He is an engaging and challenging speaker on sales, sales management, company turn around, achieving maximum cash at exit and successful recruitment of salespeople. He cuts through the flannel, pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. He’s trained thousands of salespeople, managers and business owners across 400+ sectors of the market from IT, Telco, Pharma, professional services, media, web, branding, financial services and banking through to matchmaking, female fantasy fulfilment, match-making, legal and accounting!

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