Dyslexia : Inside the Mind of a Literary Genius J. K. Rowling

Family stuff I guess but hey, the kid’s done good and will be hanging out with the likes of Spielberg in the not too distance… you heard it hear first!

Last week we got some great news, my nephew Alexander Foote had, at last, passed his Maths “O” Level, or GCSE, whatever it’s called, that’s not the point… the point is he needed it to go to his chosen University.

Alex struggled with dyslexia as a young child and once identified, worked on various ways to negate it’s impact on his world… but only really for the education process we use for comparison, designed by those gifted in academic process, who might change their mind with the wind if the current government are anything to go by.

BUT dyslexia is not all it is held up to be… for many sufferers, ignorant of their “issues”, they shine brightly… Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Richard Branson and Steven Spielberg and Cher to name half a dozen.

It took Alex 16 attempts to pass his Maths… he could apply it practically but just couldn’t get it together on exam days… but he has kept going where many would have simply stopped… his dream of making movies set in some philosophic stone, unshakable, he would nail it one day… and that day has come 😉

Alex is now 18, just before they released “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” by J K Rowing in 2007, Waterstone’s in Harrogate ran a competition for a signed copy of her latest instalment. The entry that got closest to the storyline would win the day.

So Alex, aged 11/12 at the time, had to get inside the mind of a literary genius, J K Rowling and tell the judges what would happen in the deadly hallows… and he won the day… dyslexia holding him back? Or helping him understand what is going on in the mind of the author… in the future this will be a director, looking to tell a story and needing his set designer to understand where he’s going to bring his story to life.

Thinking of my dad, Alex’s granddad, listening to him telling this story of magic and dark forces and then writing it down for him makes me laugh, knowing how “real” my dad’s world is… imagine the scene!

Well done Alex for getting that Maths tick in the box and I look forward to purchasing tickets to a movie in 10 year’s time when you’d been the lead set designer… or better still, walking the red carpet at The Premier 😉

Thank you for my Mayan Enterprise, it has centre stage in my own theatre of business engagement… Shed HQ.

Thank you.


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