time swirls

It’s Karma Time

Our productivity level, and ability to get things done, is actually a measure of how much we have strayed from our karmic path and how much we are on it.

If we find the world is out to get us and nothing seems to go quite right, it is actually a good sign. It tells us that we are pushing water uphill and there is an easier way. All we have to do is find it and when we do, the karmic lesson gained is one of the things designed for our soul path in this incarnation.

Conversely, when things are going swimmingly this is a sign we well and truly on the path that we were destined for.

In both instances, if we are off or on path, saying “Thank You” for the realization pays great dividends.

About a year ago I designed an innovative time management programme, called Bending Time, which uses meditative techniques to change our relationship with time. By changing the speed of our consciousness and the nature of our thoughts, we can get more done in less time. At the same time, we learn some powerful meditative techniques and a bit of time alchemy.

Everyone who takes the course says it’s brilliant. You would think I could have retired on the proceeds. But no way, sales have been a trickle not a flood. I was obviously doing something wrong. The course even contains modules on the interrelation between karma and time! But something was not quite right. I obviously had something to learn. There was a better plan if only I could find it.

Then back in August, I had a Skype with a good friend about my frustration at the lack of sales, where she introduced me to the concept of ’bendy pricing’. In this model, the customer pays what they can afford for a product and service. She pointed me at a site called DailyOM. Three months later, the same course is available under a different name and people can buy it at a price they can afford. DailyOM call it Pay What You Want.

The lesson has been learned. I am smiling from down here and I hope and trust the angels are beaming down in this direction.

If you fancy giving yourself or someone you love the gift of more time, then have a look at my new ecourse – which you can pay as little as $1 for (and I am really happy with that).

Manage Your Time with Mindfulness

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