masaru emoto water crystal calendar

A Most POWERFUL Calendar for 2014

Dr. Masaru Emoto travels he world educating people about the power of water, just watch the videos below! To help fund his work he is selling 20th Anniversay Life with Water Crystals 2014 Calendars. Each calendar comes with an English translation of the Japanese so we know what it says 😉

masaru emoto water crystal calendar elements

You can order them directly by emailing

Calendars are £10 each plus postage from Japan…

One calendar to UK : £10
2 calendars to UK : £12
3 calendars to UK : £13
4 calendars to UK : £14
5 calendars to UK : £17
6 calendars to UK : £18
7 calendars to UK : £20


I’d like to do my bit and so would like to sell 100 calendars and generate £1000 for Dr Emoto… I had thought about aggregating orders but that would involve a whole load of unnecessary admin… if you could simply let me know how many you’ve bought by posting a comment below or tweeting @1000betterways.

For the last few years I have always signed off my emails with Thank You… ever since I read a book by Dr. Masaru Emoto on the power of water. The first video sums things up and the second is an interview the man himself.

Thank you.


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3 thoughts on “A Most POWERFUL Calendar for 2014

  1. hi i would like 2 calendars do i get them from you please tell em where to contact to buy 2 thanks……narashamsa


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