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“Beer: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” – Homer Simpson

I like beer, in all honesty I always have. We’re used to paying prices in London (and surrounding areas) so imagine my delight in Sheffield to find a pub where beer is £1.80 a pint!

This is a shock. The beer is good, very good and only £1.80 a pint? Today I’m in Hull for week two of my tour and managed to stumble upon another Sam Smiths pub. Same deal.

Sam Smiths is the UK’s brewing success story and best kept secret. Humphrey Smith, the current Smith, has pursued a fabulous business plan.

He owns ALL of his pubs. They make everything (including spirits, mixers & snacks) for every pub and only employ managers.

The original Sam Smith (brother of cream flow monster that is John Smith) let his uncle take over the John Smith empire whilst Sam pursued a wholly different path.

He’s reputed to be the fifth richest man in the UK (famously had his name removed from the Sunday Times rich list) and also one of the top landowners. It is reputed that the John Smith brewery, just adjacent to the Sam Smiths brewery has to buy their water from Humphrey to this day!

There’s no music allowed in any of his pubs (to avoid PRS fees) and there are notices informing clientele that singing is also banned for the same reason.

The net result is a ‘mature’ drinking environment, noise & child free. There are pubs designed for families but these are not they.

Remember £1.80 a pint!!!!

The power of keeping Karma!


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2 thoughts on ““Beer: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” – Homer Simpson

  1. I too have had one of these Sam Smiths pints at a real ale pub in Huddersfield, when I was asked if i was sure as it wasn’t a very strong beer. My reply was that’s fine i like to enjoy my drink rather than see it as just a route to climbing off the floor. Yes it was weaker than other beers but if that’s a problem maybe some of us have a problem to solve.


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