Mary Bowers bought first 4

BUY YOUR Windsor & Eton Rotary’s Advent Calendar this NOVEMBER!

Mary Bowers bought the first 4 Windsor & Eton Rotary Advent Calendars sold on Peascod Street 10:20 on 9th November 2013 by yours truly 😉 Make sure you get yours this November…

We are currently looking for prizes for this year’s 2014 advent calendar

Maureen McLean  with David Wheeler

Maureen McLean, local photographer also joined in the fun, on the other side of the camera for a change… pictured hear with Rotarian David Wheeler.

Ron Lewandowski suggested we copy the Christmas Advent Calendar idea from our twin club in Germany who generate tens of thousands of euros every year from this initiative. We’ve published 3,000 advent calendars like the one below… now we just need to sell them!

windsor and eton advent calendar santa

@Windsor_Rotary is our Advent Calendar Twitter Channel

Each has it’s own unique number. As with normal advent calendars, there are 24 panels and behind each is a list of 8 – 10 numbers which match up with prizes listed on the back of the advent calendar.

Each day in December we will draw the relevant number of winners and they will be announced via various channels… the Rotary website, local papers, twitter…

Rotarians selling Advent Calendars

Guy Barlow, Ron Lewandowski & Tony Monk starting the second shift with a nice brew!

Snappy Snaps selling advent calendars

We’re looking for local businesses to stock our calendars and sell them for £5 to people during November… Bryan form Snappy Snaps has joined in the fun, after all for so many locals, he is providing their favourite Christmas present in any given year. Abdul from Meimo, down the bottom of Peascod Street, has said he will… The Alma Pub on Springfield Road… and so has Greg from Latino’s on the cobbles… if you’d like to join in then please tweet @windsor_rotary or call 07717 820823 and we’ll get some to you.

I’ll be updating a map of Windsor town centre with links to those businesses where locals, or not so locals, can purchase our Rotary Advent Calendars, you can find this under

While Snappy Snaps & The Castle Hotel already have stock, I’ll be collecting the retailer supplies on Monday & delivering to those who are happy to help us out.

advent calendar poster

Advent calendar POS Poster

Thank you.


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