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Is Google about to kill the Golden Goose?

15 year’s in has Google reached its golden years… are the leaves about to fall off the tree and will it find it much harder to get up that hill… such a shame… see what happens when you get greedy and forget your roots!

Perhaps too many golden references but what the heck, the image is great, enjoy it, my dad took it at Bolton Abbey up Yorkshire on Monday, snow next week!

For as long as we can remember… so more than 2 months, nearer 10 years… Google has been ruling the roost saying, “Get your searches done ‘ere…” and for the last 5 years it’s been making a bundle of doe ray me off those with big pockets & little brains!

To be fair, combine a pay per click campaign with a boffin brain and you may get some great value for money as they analyse & analyse the data, programming in real time and changing the key words to suit… repeat daily, weekly, monthly and a boffin will stay energised and loving it where most of us would simply end it gracefully.

Let’s say a year ago I noticed that some searches were not showing, 20 – 30 – 40 % can’t be shown and I’d not found someone to ask why… Then I went to an EXPO and a ex Google chap got up to give a presentation on his new widget and he casually mentioned, while dealing with a different topic, that if the person searching is logged into their Google Mail account then the radar shuts down, they go into stealth mode without realising it and no-one knows what’s going on.

Today I’m showing 25 searches to my site and 20 are unknown… that’s like 80% are now hidden from view. Now perhaps I should be concerned but I can see the pages that are being viewed so can apply some logic and try out a few key words to see if I pop up (after logging out of my Google Mail of course!)

But I know the reality of flying high on Google… I could do it all day long a few year’s back under most any search phrase that took my fancy and even though Google was telling me 10,000 people are searching that “so you’d best get on it!” The reality was probably more like 50 people a month were finding us for that string and I’d be lucky to get a single phone call… obviously my messaging was wrong… or folk just keep moving on… probably a bit of both.

I heard today, discussing the topic with someone who had been talking to someone who knew the game… Google are going Platinum, pay us shed loads of dosh and we’ll give you the info is how it rolls out.

Now I get that in the normal world you have an 80/20 rule that generally applies to most things but unless those Platinum boys & girls are generating 80% of Google’s business then this action might cause the golden goose to catch a cold and slowly die.

If you can’t see the key words and you’ve been told for 10 years that key words are so important that the mantra is embedded in your brain, what are you going to do? You’ll either go in search of a solution that gives you those words but if that requires people to use a different search engine then that ain’t gunna happen, so you’ll just throw in the towel and start thinking about other ways to do business… won’t ya?

And like all those radio stations we used to love & still do, Google will move down the channels and a new kid will rule the roost by Christmas 2015.

What you you think?

Thank you.


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