How can we help The Philippines?

When disaster hits, many of us feel we want to do something to help but what? Make a donation? But who can we trust to use our gift to best effect? Rotary…

When Googling for more information a number of charities pop up on Google ads and I immediately reflect, “Are Google doing this for free?” The alternative can’t be right… money given in good faith spent on marketing?!?

If you go over to the DEC website, one “charity” posting many Google ads and the organisation held up by government & the BBC as the place to donate… they’re clear on how little truly gets through to where it matters…
We ensure at least 50 per cent of appeal funds are forwarded to our member agencies go on supplies and materials, although the figure is typically more than 60 per cent.

That doesn’t work for me, you? I don’t even want to consider how they purchase the supplies! Are they achieving the best discounts.? I somehow doubt it. And do they include the gift aid in this or is that used for the Google ads? Why does it feel like yet another tax?


The only way this can be done is to go to an organisation that is one of the largest in the world which quietly gets on with things using a global volunteer workforce that has signed up to “Service above Self”. Rotary International is in most every country in the world and when a disaster strikes we look to the local Rotary club for guidance.

Our experts tell us the best thing we can donate is cash so that those on the ground can source what they need locally, or as near as possible and so reduce any transportation & other unnecessary costs.

Saying that, clean water is essential in the immediate aftermath and two Rotary organisations are involved in producing water treatment boxes which include humanitarian aid relevant to the disaster’s needs. Both have produced excellent videos, do make a cup of tea and drink it while watching them & reflect on how relatively clean your water supply is and how lucky you are…

Also if your house has gone, you need shelter. A Rotary member came up with Shelter Box which provides a tent, designed specifically for disaster purposes and other necessary items for survival. More tea… 😉

Family water boxes cost around £150, community water solutions £250, a sturdy tent comes in at £230 and £590 gets a full Shelter Box with many useful items.

Please visit the websites below and either buy items online or donate direct to Rotary Club of Baguio, RI District 3790 below, whatever feels most comfortable to you.

I went looking for a picture from Baguio and found this video which shares a message of people who care about their community and are looking to help others as best they can…

Let’s mirror that back with a donation that represents what you can afford be that £1, £10, £100…

Linda Winters, District Governor Rotary Club of Baguio, RI District 3790Thank you for the kind intention to help the victims of the devastating Typhoon in Tacloban, Samar and other parts in the Visayan Island of the Philippines.
District 3790 opened an account for cash donations
Account- No.: 0054 703 781 29
Bank Name: BDO Baguio, Session Road
Account Name: Linda A. Winter
All cash deposited to the above account will be remitted to ROTARY DISTRICT 3860 DISASTER FUND. This is for them to better decide which way to spend the money for the victims…
Best Regards,
Linda Winters, District Governor
Rotary Club of Baguio, RI District 3790

Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “How can we help The Philippines?

  1. Hi Jon,

    I just thought I’d add a comment that the Rotary clubs in Reading all got together to collect money for the Philippines, two days in the Oracle and town days at the main Reading train station, between us all we collected just over £9,500 which when you add Gift Aid should push it to just over £10k. All of this money is going to Shelter Box.

    Cheers, Chris
    Rotary Club of Reading Maiden Erlegh


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