paris news story breaks map needed

International news story breaks in Paris yesterday…

News journalists from around the world would be interested in this story as it appears to be targeting the French media… we’ll not know till the man responsible is found…

When a news story breaks it’s advantageous for the readers if you can show people where an incident happened… most will not know the lay of the land in Paris, even many living in the city.

Yesterday produced a location map for the world’s media and emailed it out to thousands of journalists, graphics people & editors involved in delivering the world’s news.

The art for this story is a print-quality editable pdf vector map that you can have and use to enhance your story. We made you this complimentary sample because we want you to experience firsthand how Maps4News can help illustrate and dramatize a story.

If you would like to use the map please download here…

When you get a moment please visit our Facebook page and see how newspapers are using our maps to great effect.

You can watch a video on the right hand margin of the main site… you can now simply download the maps you need online “pay as you go”… if you want a higher level of image control then you’ll need the software on your graphics machine.

If you would like a free trial, let me know and I’ll arrange some credits.

Thank you.


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