Map of Hull

Putting HULL’s Digital Agencies well and truly on the MAP

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Maria Miller announced Hull as the UK City of Culture 2017, beating Leicester, Swansea Bay and Dundee to the title.

Hull was on my patch when I worked for Nestle back in the late 80’s, I’d call on food wholesalers and it had a great fishing industry back then… that’s probably disappearing as we speak and people need jobs, they need hope for the future.

So rather than take the proverbial as some media are doing, I would like give Hull a boost, taking the positive and celebrate this by focusing on the Digital side of things… saw one chap on the tele this morning saying how Hull had a great digital presence & so let’s hear from them… I can connect with that and help Hull make some noise 😉

Digital agencies in Hull please copy the map below… put an X marks the spot where you are in the town… stick your own pictures around the graphic showing what great digital stuff you are doing and what you feel is great about Hull… ping it back to me and I will montage the whole lot together and push it through to the media channels I am connected to… MAKE SURE YOU ADD YOUR TWITTER CHANNEL ON THE GRAPHIC & MAKE IT BIG!

Map of Hull

I always remember the going to Hull back end of the 80’s, getting the party boat to Amsterdam and my mate being put in the hold because he was making too much noise… our neighbours couldn’t sleep… but this was the party boat!!!!

Looking forward to receiving your entries… make it quick… get your entries in by Friday morning or this will have all gone cold until 2017 😉 Make the most of the media attention in the now…

Tweet me pictures @onthisdayblog which is my media engagement channel… my research shows me that 85% of media folk use Twitter daily and these are the guys & gals that will spread your word around the globe so let’s use that channel to keep things simple…

I can then make a Maps4News Hull Graphic with all the twitter handles on it… now that would be art!

Thank you.


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