1000 better ways people

There must be 1000 Better Ways?

OK, I have a great new idea I’m looking to get underway and it needs you to tell your pals so they can join in if they are feeling the vibe…

When I was doing some research the other day I realised it will be 1000 days since the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami on 7th April 2011 and the corporate world still hasn’t come together to help the Japanese get the mess sorted out… they are simply looking to build the next one ASAP.

Got me thinking, there has to be a better way and “1000 better ways” shone out like a bright light saying bring people together because your events rock Mr Jonathan L Davey, you’re obviously not as cool as Samuel L Jackson just yet but you are a work in progress 😉 Bring people together and talk about better ways to do things… while the emphasis is on business we’ll be chucking in some fun stuff along the way!

Venues are being organised in Windsor & Bracknell to get the party started. Monday evening’s in Windsor & Friday mornings in Bracknell so people can fit it around their diaries. Cost will be based on you paying £1 – £20 depending on your ability to pay… it’s about being fair… obviously those known to be minted who try and get away with paying £1 will be ribbed and suitably embarrassed 😉

Commencing in January, we just need your help in working out the subject matter to be covered. So what would you like to hear about or what would you be willing to talk about? Please comment below but don’t waffle on about you, simply add a couple of paragraphs… feel free to use more words around what you’d like to know about.

1000 better waysTweet us @1000betterways

If this proves popular then we’ll roll out beyond Berkshire and so will use the Twitter handle @1000betterways and the domain 1000betterways.com will take you to the relevant home page for this project.

Thank you.


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