Thinking of setting up a Linked In group

Thinking of setting up a Linked In group, make sure you do think?

There was a time when some people seemed to think every business should have it’s own Linked In group.

Doing something because everyone else is doing it isn’t the sort of mind set that encourages engaging activity, usually because after at least 15 minutes the thought of creating another 15 minutes of fame is hard to keep up with.

First of all make sure your group is relevant to the people invited to join.

That may sound odd, why would you join a group you’re not going to be actively involved in? Well millions do and rather than ask them all why they do, let’s consider how to make sure the people you invite to join your group will be active. This activity may not happen immediately and that’s not a bad thing either, lurkers are allowed to lurk – it’s your job to make activity that they want to respond to, often a gut reaction and nothing more.

Once the relevance of the group is dealt with, it’s good to have consistent branding.

It’s only recently that Linked In have changed the format of the front end and landing page of groups to include a header. Go to your ‘Manage’ section click ‘Group Information’ and upload a .jpg file 646 x 200 pixels. It could be just a photo or graphic, just make it relevant to the group and not overpowering. Remember that the logo doesn’t have to be a literal text replication of your group name, when this is reduced it will not be legible for many people. Also where ever the logo appears there will be a clickable text title for the group next to the image.

With relevance and branding in place it’s good to have some rules.

Too many groups have no rules and then wonder why they also have no activity. The rules don’t have to be 500 pages of terms and conditions. They just need to spell out easily to members what you expect of them when they participate in discussions or add content to the specific areas of the group. By having rules you can direct people to them when you feel they have gone against them. They may genuinely have not seen them and that’s ok but at least you have something to back you up and support your actions.

Mark LongbottomMark Longbottom:
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