Linked In content needs developing

Linked In content needs developing, it won’t shine straight away.

When your group is relevant, branded and has rules it’s time for some content.

Don’t expect everyone who joins a new group to just start loads of discussions, they will spam your group with their blog posts though if they see you aren’t adding discussions. Consider whom you want in the group and then at the start of the group’s life add around five or ten relevant discussions, so when new members join there is something to see and something to respond to.

Often having a one and only place to say who you are and what you do is a good discussion for people to introduce them selves. Make it more interesting by saying tell the other members about you not your business. After all this is about conversation and anyone who talks business 24/7 becomes boring.

It’s good to have discussions that don’t have business involved; member can then feel relaxed and not threatened. These discussions will also be were people learn more about each other and build stronger relationships and friendships – which in the long term is why business will be done between people.

One thing to remember when posting discussions is to have a short and snappy title, as that’s the link people will see on updates etc. In the details of the discussion don’t add 3000 words in one block paragraph. Short bullet points and questions, encouraging engagement are more likely to make people comment than you just writing a monologue.

Consider what would make you respond, ask a few questions, which can all be answered or just one. If you must add a link tell people what it’s about, I prefer to keep links to other sites a minimum as it encourages people to go and not come back.

Always keep things short and relevant, make people want to respond. If you hold back from saying everything you want to say on the subject that means you’re able to come back and say these points where suitable later.

Then when you add future comments make sure to make reference to what other people say, this will not only make them feel like you care but encourage them to come back and speak and so continuing the discussion. The focus is always to engage and encourage activity from the most extraverts to the most introverted members – they should all feel they are part of the group and able to take part.

Mark LongbottomMark Longbottom:
Group: Let’s Talk Here

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