Understanding your accounts business expo

Understanding Your Accounts by Penny Lowe

Penny Lowe has been running her accountancy businesses, Wellington Consulting Limited, for over 10 years and has bumped into many small business owners & company directors who don’t quite get the numbers…

Penny is a solution provider and so she created a solution in the form of a short book entitled “Understanding Your Accounts” and sales were nice & steady at The Business Show, Olympia November 2013 #TBS2013

And for those who want a follow up to the book or those who prefer to take on board information in workshop environment before buying the book, Penny has come up with a solution…

• QuickBooks Training
• Finance for Non Finance Managers
• Finance For Business Owners

Penny gave a presentation at The Business Show
Olympia… excuse the high level of ambient noise but do take a couple of minutes to dip in to see if you like Penny’s style and then either contact her directly or complete the form below and I’ll ensure she responds.

Thank you.

Penny LowePenny Lowe
Mentor and business advisor
Wellington Coaching & Wellington Consulting Ltd
0118 911 1202

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