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Facebook Enemies

Actually, Facebook is the enemy, or at least has been. Other blogs should have preceded this post but Facebook procrastination stole my time. Of course I should blame myself rather than a website so I’m starting a new year’s resolution early: change my FB habits!

How I plan to use Facebook for good

#1 – Spend less time minding other people’s business.

#2 – Just one visit per day

#3 – Build a community. I want to create a place where anybody experiencing a career gap can interact with others, share ideas and support each other to turn a potentially stressful and negative time into one of self-development and progress.

#4 – Practice my Italian. It’s such a useful resource for interacting with people all over the world. I studied an evening course at Windsor College and went from complete beginner to speaking very confidently after four years (Huge thanks to my dedicated and enthusiastic teacher Anna-Maria Blake and my wonderful classmates/friends). I was a useless pen pal at school but FB makes writing to friends abroad much easier and more fun. I can keep up with all my Italian family and friends and improve my language skills

#5 – Use it like good old fashioned email. I’m not that enamoured by the private message function on FB, it seems surprisingly awkward and clunky considering the wealth, popularity and technical skill of the organisation but honestly I’ve been poor at managing my email contacts and FB makes it very easy to connect with friends via mutual connections. I spent most of Tuesday night writing to good friends who I hadn’t contacted in a while and hearing back from these friends made me feel really good. It’s also prompted some real-life visits over the Christmas period which I’m excited about.

An old school friend posted a status last week about most “Facebook Friends” being only acquaintances. I have 392 Facebook friends but if any have degenerated to mere acquaintances, it’s probably because I haven’t put the effort into maintaining the friendship. Merely “liking” the odd photo or status is a cop-out.

If I can stick to this, I’ll be writing and posting a few more blogs over the coming months, feel free to “poke” me on Facebook if I don’t!

Daniel Walker, author of Amazon eBook Mind the Career Gap, gives exciting and successful pointers
Tricia Phillips, Daily Mirror

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Enemies

  1. Number #3 would seem to conflict with number #2

    Building an active and more importantly participatory and engaged community would possibly need more natural ways to respond. Allowing only one visit a day is in my view limiting and not relevant to being sociable.


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