Quick Books presenter Johnny Martin FCA

In business, stick to your knitting…

Penny Lowe asked me to be her ICE BREAKER at The Business Show, Olympia in November 2013. Saying hello to strangers so she didn’t have to!

When someone is looking for a professional to do their accounts, they are looking for someone who is quietly efficient with a great eye for detail, identifying where you, the business owner might have fallen short, ultimately literally being worth their “weight in gold!”

The Business Show Olympia

At an exhibition being “quiet” doesn’t really cut it, you need to be front and centre, saying hello to all who walk by so their eyes move from their mobile or the floor to your stand. A word or two on your posters may grab their attention, triggering them to ask a question, ideally one that can be addressed by our professional in quiet and considered way, endearing them to the potential client… team work.

This is where I can step in and be the meeter & greeter, the ICE BREAKER, passing any potential onto you while bouncing the obviously sales people, looking to pitch their wears onto the next stand 😉

The Business Show stand 160

Other joint skills come into play… show changes meant stand 160 was next to the Intuit stand, Penny helps clients with QuickBooks, so she sent their presenter, Johnny Martin FCA, a copy of her book a few days before the expo. Being a trainer, he respected this & her non salesy professional style, sending over a number of those who asked him questions after his presentation, to talk to Penny because he obviously felt a connection… which he probably wouldn’t have done for a sales person.

Penny Lowe Wellington Consulting Business Expo

Looking to underline the fact that Penny could offer QuickBooks training I asked the Intuit stand manager if she had a spare pop up that we could use on our stand… this caught the eye of many… team work…

If you need an ICE BREAKER to balance your next expo stand then give me a call…

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
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“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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One thought on “In business, stick to your knitting…

  1. This is a really nice sensible read… good work !! love Mum… ps thank you for the Rotary Advent Calendar… hope we are lucky !! Jerome the Gnome is still sitting in the hall… xxxx


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