jons brain missing cerebellum

Have you got a brain the size of a planet?

This comes from one of my all-time favourite radio and cult 1981 TV Sci-Fi programmes, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Any fans will instantly recognise this reference to Marvin the Paranoid Android, who claims to be roughly thirty billion times more intelligent than Arthur Dent.

Psychologists suggest that our conscious mind uses only 30%-40% of our brain’s capacity. Despite this it’s not easy to contain and instantly access the finest details from memory, although some business leaders try to do just that.

A recent prospective client engagement introduced me to a very experienced manager, who had little about his role actually written down. His tacit knowledge of operational processes, contacts and contingency measures made him both invaluable and a risk. The problem arises if something would happen to him or that he simply wasn’t present when something went wrong. Costly chaos could ensue.

Don’t Panic! – Having well written and easily understood procedures, access to vital contacts and documented plans to address unexpected shortcomings are surely good business sense and vital ingredients for emergency succession management. Add to this trained and regularly rehearsed deputies and a business owner can rest assured that the business has a chance of full recovery after disruption. A bonus is that managers have had a chance to closely examine current working practices and make improvements to reduce failures. You probably could just remember what to do but is it really worth risking your business?

It’s just good business sense…

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