manage your Linked In group

For a bright future manage your Linked In group, rather than market it.

A group that’s relevant, branded with some rules and discussions needs managing.

With all the things discussed in the previous posts in place this is usually where Linked In groups fail, they may have between 1000 and 100,000 members but often they’ll have no activity.

Invite the people who you think will enjoy being a member of your group through the ‘Share’ facility; try not to blanket mail. Personal invitations are nice when we get them, so other people will probably feel the same when they receive one.

With members in the group being active and starting their own discussions it’s up to you as the group manager to make sure they know you are approachable and part of the group. So be part of the discussions but also make sure they know you’ll tell them off when they ignore the rules.

Many groups are marketed and easily fill with 1000’s of members; the groups that are managed have constant and consistent engaging activity. Groups that evolve and grow naturally are self supporting and quite often self censoring, but don’t think you can walk away and it will manage itself – they and the group need you.

Linked In groups should always be changing, moving and active – as a manger it’s up to you to make that activity engaging so that members want to interact participate and respond to each other. Once this is happening you’ll have a community that starts to support each other.

Mark LongbottomMark Longbottom:
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