one directions biggest fan or is she mine

2014 Twitter Strategy : You need to be heading in One Direction

Picture is of One Direction’s biggest fan…
sorry no, that’s my biggest fan, my mum!

@onedirection now have 16,669,943 fans because I just started to follow them… so I can listen & learn how their agency use it to nudge their brand… and also to see what Harry’s latest hair tips are 😉

I have a few Twitter Channels that have been created over the years @windsordaily @berkshireblog @onthisdayblog @jondavey and my new channel @1000betterways giving me a massive 5,892 followers who, like most of One Direction’s followers, are not really listening… but then if 1% of theirs buy a branded item this year then that’ll be another million in the bank… therefore they can pay someone else to handle it for them… I met the guy at an event actually… nice unassuming chap.

Now while I can dip into @windsordaily at the weekend or around our Rotary projects and @1000betterways will make sense around the small events planned for 2014. That leaves me with @berkshireblog & @onthisdayblog to manage…

My site is called The Berkshire Blog because historically I’ve been known for BinB but does that mean my main Twitter handle needs to be the same? I’m looking a UK media & event channels to drive my business forward in 2014 and this requires something a little less parochial, something that triggers a “What’s that all about?” in 0.35 seconds… @onthisdayblog gives you that…

Also, those engaging on Twitter will have some level of ego and so quick responses are generally required to keep the little birds interested… having one channel makes that a lot easier… and if on the hour I was to tweet out a birthday and re-tweet 3 things recently tweeted by others, this would show real engagement and increase my viewing figures as well as my lead generation opportunities.

It does help to write things down when thinking, this way I write a blog without too much effort and if anyone asks, “Why you doing that?” I can say read this… not that they will because who gives a monkey’s what I drivel on about anyway 😉

Thank you for listening…


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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