Paddington Station

Citizen Journalism is the new Blogging isn’t it?

First job of a citizen journalist in the morning, check what’s in the news so you don’t look like a blogger… second job, check what your job title is this week 😉

With my new fangled site attracting the attention of those in the media I don’t want to appear too old & farty… need to appear young & sprightly… what with retirement coming in at 78 & the need for couple of million in the pot to make that comfortable then I’m positively teenageresque in the scheme of things!

Spotted a story about The Croydon Citizen creating its first hard copy publication off the back of crowd funding… excellent story…

When I launched my new publication, this ‘ere one, on the 4th July I put the call out for bloggers… 15 have since stepped forward but most have done jack, with some doing a little & a couple making a concerted effort. My keenest blogger told me a few months ago it wasn’t really his bag… a little positive encouragement and he could well win my blogger of the year competition, totally unrecognised across the nation but hey, it’s an Award Winning performance that deserves a show of appreciation… 3 cheers for that man…

How about mixing the old with the new and I put the call out for a baker’s dozen of citizen journalists? This will hopefully attract some enthusiastic young at heart folk who would love to tell us stories from around, across, over & under Berkshire.

Are you a citizen journalist who’d like to talk about things in Berkshire UK? Or would you love to been one, sharing your latest job title on LinkedIn… how cool would that be?

Come and say hello… let me know you’d be interested by posting a comment below and we’ll connect & share some great stories… just like the original Citizen Journalist Paddington Bear 😉

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
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