Isn’t it amazing!

At this time of year we cannot help thinking about children, their innocence and great expectations. Children have a truly astounding ability to absorb and question. How many times do we hear “Why?” whenever we try to explain something? The skill of asking why seems to disappear as we mature into adulthood, thinking that we know the solution so why would we need to change anything?

All too true for an aspiring business person. We can so easily become stuck with that’s the way it’s always been and why change it. We often allow ourselves to become bogged down in work and do allow ourselves a moment to explore new ideas. We may not need to fix it if it ain’t broke however, maybe there is a chance to improve the way we work. Process improvements and exciting new ideas come from the courage to ask why we always did it that way. A regular review of our business processes, their risks and benefits must surely be a good thing. Whether a large or smaller business, we all need some form of operating method, linked to a strategic direction and goal.

Next time a child asks me “Why?” I might just take a moment to admire their great skill and reflect upon what I may have lost along the way. How about you?

It’s just good business sense…

Give me a call, or complete the form below, I’ll ask a couple of questions and offer some thoughts, we can then decide the next steps.

With kind regards – Gareth

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