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Who’s really interested in what you have to say?

CEOs, Sales & Marketing Directors across the nation would love to know who is reading their articles on the web… who’s leaving the tracks in the ground? Well if you work with us then that’s exactly what you’ll get to know! Happy Christmas everyone…

By way of an example, here is an email I sent out today to the PR agency representing Rakuten Marketing…

Good morning,

Thank you for sending Will Corry your article for The Marketing Blog, it was well received by some key marketing decision makers. He has asked me to assist him with following up on any potential interest in using The Marketing Blog and its social media channels to reach your potential clients… or the potential clients of your clients!


Your article was published on the 12th December when the story that received the most clicks got 147. This was about a divorce lawyer who’d been married 10 times… your story generated a very respectable 6 clicks with its more professional tone talking trends by Mark Haviland.

• One was a Consumer Brand Manager for 36 billion euro medical company.
• Another has a £300 million budget in telecoms.
• A senior digital person for a beauty company.
• A member of the DMA Awards committee.
• A business owner that achieved over 8 million views of their viral product video.
• And The Retail Marketing Manager for an online florist with over 2000 outlets.

I’m sure Mark would like his people to know who these folks are so they can follow up before the readers click on someone else’s take on next year’s trends.

Will is offering a crazy price deal that will certainly be going up in the New Year as I get more involved with his business.

Currently he is offering a 12 article deal for £775!

Call Will Corry 01784 434 412 to book your 12 article programme… you can use them once a month or as part of a more strategic 3 month campaign.

The Marketing Blog currently gets 25,000 unique visitors a month and has a circulation of around 50,000 a week. There are Twitter followers but we know they are not really listening… you’d be blinking lucky to get a key decision maker listening in just as you tweeted out but it is still an important channel as is LinkedIn, Facebook & the others.

With years in publishing, Will knows what people like to read about… we like a joke or two we can try and remember to tell our mates down the pub. We enjoy admiring the ladies & gents. We like a heart warming story & we also like it when someone gets one over on another… the stats don’t lie.

You provide the content, we run it in The Marketing Blog and through our social channels & then provide feedback on page views of the website but more importantly a weekly list of all those who have clicked through from our email newsletter with email address & other contacts as available. The list stands at just under 20,000 and Will sends out a newsletter around 3 times a week.

We’re happy to run an article each day for the week and count that as 1 article… obviously it would be better to have a fresh article for week 2 but that depends on what you have to say. If you have 6 articles Will is happy to source related content and link them to you to ease the process… that works well for the exhibition people.

Don’t worry, next year these prices will be at least double as the quality of the recipients can be seen and the value we offer needs to be respected… so I’d not hesitate or procrastinate for more than 24 hours or this offer will be gone… BUY NOW!

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

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