contacting busy people

Making contact with busy people

Christmas is a good time to catch up with busy people as they allow themselves time to catch up with other things that they mostly have to ignore day to day…

I pushed out an email on Christmas morning to around 4,000 people who get my email newsletters. I used to push it out weekly but I’m now encouraging potential followers to tune into my blog as it’s the best use of all our energies. I figure 50 people following your blog is worth 1,000 getting your newsletter!

On doing some analysis, taking a 17% opening rate for my emails over the last few months then on Christmas day, how many would you think would open it? Would most people be focused on their family world or are the two so combined now that a much higher percentage than “should” open it would do so… sadly or happily it was the latter and 70% of any anticipated opening did so on Christmas day with around 450 sneaking a peak…

The process of inviting people to follow the blog has meant that since mid October I have been inviting those that open my newsletter to follow the blog… I have been sending a maximum of two invitations, figuring more sounds a bit needy… obviously if folk are signed up with multiple emails then they might get more!

It being Friday today and me with an action plan coming together for 2014 I thought I’d send out a few invitations to follow the blog… imagine my surprise when on cleaning, 256 of the email addresses that opened my Christmas email (now at 100% of anticipated openings for a normal email) had not had an invitation to follow the blog… that’s almost 40% of those that opened my Christmas email hadn’t opened one of the other seven newsletters since October! Illustrating my point about the increasing power of the blog… or it could reflect the poor quality of my newsletters… ho, ho, ho 😉

Noticing a few names, these are people I know are incredibly busy and so it showed that sending out a Christmas email on Christmas Day itself may well have been appreciated by some of the busier people in my world and it was a jolly good idea on my part… so hopefully sending the invitation to the 256 (plus 187 getting their 2nd invitation) will bring in the dozen or so I need to take me over the magic 300 blog followers which was my revised target after sailing past 250, my original target, in early December…

2014 and I will be sharing more of my experiments with online communications and getting increasingly involved with national exhibitions as my real talent involves engaging in real time and adding up my 10+ years of online experience, there is no substitute for real time, face to face communications… if you are looking to do more exhibitions next year then talk to me about what I can do for you to optimise your company’s experience.

Thank you.


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