sex sells but does it click with you

Sex Sells but does it click with you?

2014 needs to kick off with a big story, 36DD might just do it! There is the famous phrase in media circles “sex sells” but one needs to ask, does it make you click?

I chosen to have one main Twitter Channel this year & plan on following those in the media / PR / exhibition / marketing world as I look to connect with those who can help me on life’s highway.

With 30 minutes before family duties kick in I thought I’d take a look at my @onthisdayblog twitter stream for the latest news… see how poor old Schumacher is getting on.

Gliding through the twitter stream of the 828 I follow and there is a RT (re-tweet) from a chap with talking about journalism & social media… published in/on Playboy!

Just felt a little weird to me… obviously I clicked for journalistic reasons to check the content & layout of the story and I felt a little embarrassed… I found it difficult to read the words, the child inside me titivated, the father inside me feeling it was wrong and years of feminist propaganda ultimately winning through! I clicked away…

“A place for everything and everything in its place” comes to mind…

Looking at the other Twitter links, @TheDrum features a link to Virgin Active video which is in context but it ain’t no WestJet video! Sports tweet @theMMQB featuring NFL, in context… @EDP24 showing a house on a cliff with a couple of years left in it, in context… @Leighjournal football photographer moves on to greater things, in context… @MetroUK brings us more T&A with Luisa Zissman promising to make CBB’s one to remember, that fits and the surroundings mean I can read without feeling I’m being pervy…

So many businesses try and become all things to all men but I think you should stick to what your good at, tweaking gently as you go to keep you on message with your fans 😉

Your thoughts please…

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