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Promoting your holiday destination to the world

When you look at this picture of blue churches on the Greek island of Santorini, what feelings come to mind?

If you are looking to purchase a holiday do you make your choice in some pre-determined logical fashion requiring a ton of data for analysis… or do you look at the catalogue, see a few pictures that make you feel all warm inside and then make an emotional decision?

So if it is your job to promote a holiday destination to the world then are you best providing lots of words and data or showing those who are interested some great pictures & videos… well if a picture paints a 1000 words, video paints 1,000,000 😉

I’ve been helping companies make the most of their online marketing for years and with my focus for 2014 on exhibitions, I thought I’d do some analysis of those 278 exhibitors taking part in Destinations holiday & travel show at Earls Court 6th – 9th February 2014.

Here is what I found…

70% provide an email address on their website… this is good, although a few years ago people were concerned about companies putting them on spam lists… I think it is far more important to consider the visitor & his or her needs. 10% opted for a form… personally I find them annoying but it’s better than no email comms… amazed at some of the big boys not doing this, I guess they figure they don’t need the inconvenience of emails… just think how big they could be if they did?

inntravel destinations show

64% have a Facebook page which is brilliant because when it comes to holidays, everyone wants to share their tan & pictures of them having an amazing time… and your customers are your best promoters… Inntravel, not so slow at getting on with social media engagement!

56% have a Twitter account, some not used in a while but at least they can re-engage quickly once they realise the potential they are missing… Twitter lets people share pics as well as words, excellent way to join in conversations around topics that are relevant to your destination…

33% have a Youtube account… this needs more effort but then you don’t need to shoot professional videos all the time, you can make it a mash up of real life customers having fun in the sun… Virgin have come up with a variation on this with “Give Me a Break” where people say what their traveller does next…

Pinterest (17%) is a must for holiday destinations in 2014… people like to pin great pics and if you have some available they can use yours and share them with their like minded friends who might just like what they are looking at and want to see it for real!

10% are giving Google+ a spin although audiences on other channels are much larger, with the exception of India who have over 800,000 in their circle… anyone know why that is?

incredible india destinations show

LinkedIn is only scoring 5%… trick being missed here… corporate trips would be a logical push via this channel?

While approximately 10% have a blog, only 2% are using the official wordpress platform which is my preference… as it shares a link on to the other platforms I select, allowing those who prefer the relevant medium to pick up what’s happening in my world.

If you’d like some help polishing up on your social media channels & ensuring you are connecting more widely before the show, make contact and we can work out a plan of action for before, during & after the show…

Thank you.


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