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What’s your focus for 2014 and how can The Berkshire Blog help you?

When many business people are reading self help books on how to improve on this & that, I can generally be found digesting something a little more spiritual…

Currently I’m reading “I Ching”, the Book of Changes, which was the reference book for Confucius so it goes back a ways… things always have to change, the trick is to keep up with the flow or know when to stand aside and just wait a while for the right tide 😉

Here are 3 ways I can help you with your business… if they resonate with you then do contact me & let’s discuss how we might work together… after digesting please share how you might help others by adding a comment below:

Ad hoc consultancy with regards to use of social media engagement – I can’t do it for you, it needs to be lived & breathed to be authentic in order that others respond. I can show you the way & be on hand to kick your butt as required. This would include inclusion in The Berkshire Blog.

Sales & Marketing activity – On a 1 day a week basis I can help you ensure your online marketing & sales activity are lined up. Being an ICE BREAKER, saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to! This might include managing a new website build process, creating a business lead generation system or knocking on doors directly and making appointments for you to see potential clients.

Successful Exhibitions – working on ensuring that the exhibitions you plan on attending & taking part in 2014 are as successful as possible. Many companies just book space, turn up on the day and say hello to a few people and wonder why they bothered. My job is to help you make the most of the experience so you are doing the right exhibitions for your business, meeting the right people and connecting in the right way to make a great first impression.

Picture is of me outside my original shed in 2002, it’s got a little posher since 😉


Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

7 thoughts on “What’s your focus for 2014 and how can The Berkshire Blog help you?

  1. Please join with me in bringing together your current interest in the I Ching and a British mind tool , a bit like the Rubics Cube , “just because we can “. When we collaborate and co operate we can be amazed at the beneficial outcomes that arise . In this case robert Byrnes of Inversions 20000 has some novel IPR that could build/grow a new pub quizz tool or physical and electronic / web based eye , mind and fingers toy , exemplyfying the differernces of humankind . More on the phone especially about this and about Epens , please .


  2. Just come across a list of thirty New Business Winning tactics from a previous ‘life’ and have added Jon Davey, Icebreaker to the list.
    Happy New Year Jon
    And if anyone reading the blog is considering obtaining an insurnace quotation however large or small – contact me for independent advice and a figure to consider (oh and the picture IS me)


    1. Let’s come up with some innovate approaches for you in 2014 Graham and that picture was you… embrace the shiny new you 😉

      As the pic above was me in 2004, thank goodness for double doors on the new shed!


  3. I will offer a free independent review of the risks that a business faces and how to transfer these, preferably avoiding insurance (as that costs money), but seeking to explain how to minimise them, rendering insurance obsolete as far as possible. The process will mean a visit and conversation with the main decision-maker, but will be completely free of charge. At the end of the process, I will issue a report summarising the exposures and how to minimise them to as close to zero as possible and if not possible to avoid insurance point them in the direction of how to obtain the best cover at the best price.


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