The King celebrates 79 years by…

If Elvis was alive today… how would he be celebrating being 79 years young? Would he get Mick round so he felt younger, would he borrow Cliff’s villa or take the grand kids to Blue Hawaii… or perhaps a new single with his birthday pal Bowie 😉

Look at what else happened on the 8th January… this is a monster day in history… uh huh, uh huh, uh huh!

Tell us how you think Elvis Presley would celebrate 79 if he was around today? Comment below or tweet @onthisdayblog #kingelviscelebratesby

My favourite & it’s my blog so there 😉

Born on this day 8th January
1823 Alfred Russel Wallace
1824 Wilkie Collins
1891 Storm Jameson
1897 Dennis Wheatley
1908 William Hartnell
1911 Tom Delaney
1923 Johnny Wardle
1924 Ron Moody
1927 Charles Tomlinson
1934 Roy Kinnear
1935 Elvis Presley
1937 Dame Shirley Bassey
1941 Graham Chapman
1942 Professor Stephen Hawking
1945 Terry Sylvester
1946 Robbie Krieger
1947 David Bowie
1951 John McTiernan
1961 Keith Arkell
1961 Calvin Smith
1969 R Kelly
1973 Mark Knight

Died on this day
1941 Lord Baden-Powell
1990 Terry Thomas
1991 Steve Clark


1966 The Kinks and The Who appeared on the last edition of America’s top television show, ‘Shindig’.

1973 The Beach Boys album Holland and Yoko Ono’s album Approximately Infinite Universe were both released.

1985 Elvis Presley stamps were issued by the post office to commemorate his 50th Birthday.


1997 19 hours after take-off, Richard Branson and the crew of ‘Virgin challenger’ were forced to abandon their around-the-world balloon flight attempt. A loss of helium caused the balloon to return to earth in the Algerian desert

People & Showbiz

1989 The first episode of ‘Poirot’, starring David Suchet, was broadcast on British television.

1991 President Bush collapsed from gastric flu during a state banquet in Tokyo. Struggling to his feet minutes later he remarked ‘I just wanted to get a little attention’.

General Events

871 Alfred the Great leads a West Saxon army to repel an invasion by Danelaw Vikings.

1746 Second Jacobite Rising: Bonnie Prince Charlie occupies Stirling.

1790 George Washington delivers the first State of the Union Address in New York City.

1806 Cape Colony becomes a British colony.

1921 Lloyd George became the first Prime Minister to occupy the Chequers country mansion in Buckinghamshire donated to the nation by Lord Fee of Fareham.

1940 Food rationing began in Britain.

1959 Charles de Gaulle was installed as the president of the French Republic.

1984 In Melbourne, the world’s first test tube quadruplets were all breathing after the last one was taken off oxygen.

1988 The New York stock exchange suffered its third biggest plunge in history.

2004 The RMS Queen Mary 2, the largest passenger ship ever built, is christened by her namesake’s granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II.

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