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Are you communicating on Twitter or just spraying & praying?

I have asked many people if, after following 1000 people, they are actually watching the twitter stream that comes down in front of them… most give an unequivocal, “Of course not!”

So if you’re not it’s fair to assume that most people are not either… why? Probably because they have just followed anyone and everyone in the hope they are going to follow back!

Best way to use Twitter is as a radio… tune into a select group of people and it doesn’t matter if they don’t follow you back, you’re listening to content that is relevant to your world and 1000 others listening and sharing tit bits will give you a ton of knowledge you didn’t have easy access to before.

If someone then says something that makes sense to you, share it, chances are only a few will and they will clock that you have and think what a nice, and incredibly intelligent, chap/ess… building relationships…

The best way to talk on Twitter is not to broadcast, you might as well automate a bit (like this blog will tweet out when published) as it allows you to do that but most folk will not see your tweet because they are not looking the instant you send it… OK a couple of your 1000 might!

Best way is to send personal messages to people… read a little about them from their profile & link to website, you can always search LinkedIn to get more of an in depth look and then send something to them by using their @name … they will have to read it if they are a regular user… they may not respond but you can be fairly sure your message will get through & looked at, unlike email which is so easily bounced.

On a current campaign I sent out 100 emails, 3 responded & 85 tweets, 7 responded so far… with hundreds hitting the blog to see who I am…

Tell us about your experience with Twitter below or ask a question and we’ll see if we can answer it…

Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “Are you communicating on Twitter or just spraying & praying?

    1. depends on what you’re looking to highlight… if it’s a news story it may have a hash tag #quinneyformayorofnewbury and you can just search that … if you are looking to aggregate 50 of the 500 you already follow into a group of “Those that talk sense” then sounds like you’ll need hootsuite or similar… anyone heard of the perfect solutions to quinney’s need?


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