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Launching 1000 Better Ways Slow Business Networking Events

Come and tell us a story at our inaugural 1000 Better Ways Networking Event which is all about creating great business foundations and demand for your products & services by sharing a little of what you know with 30+ others who have already booked…

You’re personally invited to our inaugural “1000 Better Ways” slow business networking event which allows you to share a better way of doing something with those who join us between 10am – 12pm on Friday 24th January at Foundation Park in Maidenhead.

foundation park maidenhead has evolved

Talking about your business might be boring to most, so spinning that into a story which offers insight into how someone might benefit from your product or service is way more interesting & engaging.

The event is free to attend… we just need you to indicate you are likely to attend so we can ensure enough parking is made available. If you can indicate below by saying “Count me in Jon” that’ll do the job… thank you.

In order to reach the highest mountain you need to be good with heights, appreciate you have limited oxygen and probably knowing how to swirl an ice axe might help…

So it is with business… you need to know a few things and what you don’t know will probably not hurt you too much in the early days but by the time you have a few people on board & an office space to maintain, you’ll need to know a whole lot of stuff to ensure smooth sailing.

No one person can possibly know it all and that’s where networking comes into its own… meeting new people who have skills you can resource on as their need arises… but you need to know they exist and they need to know you exist and that’s where I come in…

I say hello to strangers so you don’t have to… and then I invite them to come together so they can share a story or two with you, enabling you to get a better idea of how they can help you on your journey… or more likely, tell you a story that means you’ll not forget them when the time is right and you need a little of what they’ve got 😉

Speed Networking has proved popular with those new to business… for many the 1 minute isn’t quite long enough so we choose to do some Slow Networking, where you get 5 minutes to chat with someone & then we’ll change partners.

Multi-level marketing folk are not invited… everyone needs to represent a proper business be they a sole trader or part of a multi-national who needs some demand generation from those who know how to communicate. If anyone comes with a bunch of flyers for something most of us are really not interested in then they will be shown the door… we want to attract professionals and that can only happen if we are clear from the start…

After every third conversation you’ll get a breather, a chance to hear from someone we have pre-selected to tell a 3-5 minute story which will hopefully make you laugh or cry… I do like a good tear jerker!

In 2 hours that means you should get to speak to 18+ people and catch up with the others next time… we have plenty of space so it would be great to have 50+ turn up for our first event of the year.

Carla Delaney may even invite you to do a video blog of your story so we can share it with our known universe via The Berkshire Blog!

We’ll then look to replicate each month and spread our wings up into London where there is plenty of business going on which we need to bring back to Berkshire 😉

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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8 thoughts on “Launching 1000 Better Ways Slow Business Networking Events

  1. Jon, it sounds like a great event. I am concerned however, about your exclusion of MLM representatives…. what if somebody wants to attend who represents a £600m turnover UK business listed on the FTSE250 whose proposition genuinely delivers benefits to SMEs and consumers? Why exlclude them?


    1. fair point… in my experience, most of the people who sign up have been leveraged by a “friend” and if they are lucky represent a £10k business and simply prove annoying to those who are trying to run proper businesses… and if you get more than 1 person representing the same offering it’s mighty boring…


    1. Correct Dermot, SL6 3UD is the postcode and I will be sending building details to those that book above tomorrow afternoon to ensure clarity… folk can’t just park anywhere as it is almost full of businesses.


    1. If folk have them they can bring them… I tend to collect them and then when back in the office immediately connect via LinkedIn… or invite to follow my blog… depends on the mood i’m in 😉


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