what makes campaigns go viral

What makes social media campaigns go viral

Sometimes you read something and think, that does the job just nicely, what can I add but an introduction for my readers?  This is one of those moments in time… I now know a little more about viral marketing & the power of slideshare… you will too shortly 😉

10 yestis public relationsAndy Barr or @10yetis pushed out a tweet on the 9th January about how his Gangnam Slideshare presentation had been brought to the front page of their site to celebrate last year… this had been RT today by @muddywall while I was pondering an article for the 10am social heart beat slot… marvellous, that will do just nicely…

I asked Andy’s permission, we agreed as long as relevant brand recognition on his part and I saved an hour which I can now use on getting ready to see a potential client at 11am… and the world goes round 😉

Over to Andy…

I didn’t used to be a stats geek, I used to be a normal functioning member of the PR and Marketing industry but over time, and as the industry has evolved I have become fascinated by stats.

One of my career goals has been to get a slide deck onto Slideshare home page and this week, after lots of attempts, that happened.

It was the Gangnam Style presentation “the Viral Marketing Playbook, how Gangnam Style Went Viral” that is around a year old but I delivered at the recent #SASCON conference in Manchester. It was a last minute thing.

Anyway, the presentation has been a real success for us and had around 23k of views before #SASCON. That being said, going through it as #SASCON triggered another 500 views (looking at the Slideshare stats).

This must have triggered something in the back end of Slideshare because this week I got a random Tweet from them saying that it was being featured on its homepage. I checked and couldn’t see it but after 4000 refreshes it duly appeared.

The results of being featured on the homepage are quite interesting. The deck for an extra 900 views on the day it was on there and then a further 600 the day after. So in total, 1500 new views.

The views are great, but the leads are the bit that matters and we had around 150 new leads on the day it was on the homepage. This tells me that the audience were really bought in and engaged, as that is a hell of a conversion rate in terms of views/downloads. it also tells me that there is still lots of interest in Psy and Gangnam Style.

Just for completeness, without the homepage promo, the deck was attracting around 100 views per day, which I think is fairly good.

Overall, this presentation has blown all the others we have ever done out of the water and a big thanks to #SASCON and Slideshare for the promo.

Ed: I know, it’s off the page on Chrome… anyone know how to make slideshare a certain size?

See original article at: http://www.10yetis.co.uk/public-relations/index.php?/archives/1789-10-Yetis-Reveals-What-Getting-On-Homepage-of-Slideshare-gets-you.html

Thank you.


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