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JazzMouse’s Favourite Food & Drink in Norwich

I asked Jazzmouse for his latest “on the road” story for our fun 2PM slot but I figured this could be moved up to 10AM & combined with a spot or real time social media engagement…

How long will it take us from publishing to generate the images needed to fill out and complete this story… best way for us to use images is via Twitter, grab the code, drop it in and it also means anyone who hears our call and knows the venue can join in the fun!

Read on, enjoy Paul’s story, sent via iPhone yesterday, publish at 10AM… now let’s engage with the people of Norwich to get those happy snaps of the venues he’s talking about 😉

East meets west – life in the bus lane continued…

So it’s 2014. A little while since Sheffield & Hull. It’s been a journey. Norwich featured a panoply of eateries and a pint full of drinking houses.

My favourite has always been the market. This historic icon of Norwich life hosts a hierarchical collection of eateries, clothing stores and a great Thai food shop.

I love the scale based amusement of the herb & spice stall as much as the dairy diorama of the cheese stall or the bold Butchers stall that sells it’s own faggots.

A sausage shop was a minor fave, and the pie & mushy pea stall a popular haunt.

But City Fish was my winner. A local seafood stall that provided a smorgasbord of seafood trays including all the hits… whelks, cockles, winkles, jellied eels & fresh crab!
£2.75 gets you a tray of whelks that will serve as a decent starter.
£3.75 got you a decent tray of eels! Despite the cold, the al fresco dining didn’t bother me as the food was so tasty.

Other notables in Norwich were :-

  • Dray yard smoke house – new to Norwich and a great idea. Fails slightly on execution however. Give it time… They’ll make it!
  • American Hamburger – been in Norwich for nearly 40 years – just great burgers!
  • Pinocchios – great pre theatre menu. Amazing ribs!

And so onto beer…

  • For many years the Coach & Horses was the thing of post show fame & glory. Close to the Theatre Royal it was the obvious choice. Pressure from the evil brewery patriarchs means that it’s expensive and the owners are suffering. Good beer as always but pricey.
  • The Rumsey Wells was a great alternative. Good beer & great food as well as live music on the week ends.
  • Delaney’s bar has a good late night Irish vibe (open till 2am)
  • The Ribs of Beef – great beer but didn’t get to eat.

Ali tandoori won all out hearts… good wholesome Indian food. Great portion size and great value!

Brighton next… Stay tuned 🙂

A combined effort… citizen journalism at it’s best…

The power of keeping Karma!

Thank you.

Paul, Jon & YOU!

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