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Special : Send us your story for inclusion in theMarketingblog – there is no charge

Content marketing doesn’t simply show up – it has to be created, nurtured and distributed to the marketplace.

The challenge is that many people don’t know what the best practices are for a good content marketing program. Getting your news loaded is an important first step

What’s involved?
· You can benefit from being included in our new 30,000 newsletter data base – we have just refreshed it in December.
· Essential for reaching new eyeballs early in 2014.
· Perfect for kick starting your sales in the first quarter of 2014
· This is a special promotion which closes end January 2014
· There is no charge for inclusion in our sites and blogs

Send me your story and I will do the rest… or call me Will Corry on 01784 434 412.

I look forward to loading your story into and its sister newsletter


will corryDisruption Marketing & Native Advertising
01784 434 412
07787 7900 20

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