On this day in history 22nd January

Born on this day 22nd January
1561 Sir Francis Bacon
1920 Sir Alf Ramsay
1788 Lord Byron
1921 Sam Cooke
1934 Bill Bixby
1960 Michael Hutchence
1951 Mary Hayley Bell
1931 Claire Rayner
1940 John Hurt
1946 Malcolm McLaren
1948 George Foreman
1974 Nigel Benn

Died on this day
1719 William Paterson
1901 Queen Victoria
1950 Alan Hale

1965 The Rolling Stones appeared at the Manufacturer’s Stadium in Sydney.

1971 A Jimi Hendrix memorial Foundation was set up by the legend’s father to award 5 musical scholarships each year to talented youngsters in Washington State.

1972 David Bowie announced in an interview that he is bisexual.

1983 Nine singles by The Jam entered the charts simultaneously.

1973 George Foreman knocked out Joe Frazier in the 2nd round in Kingston, Jamaica, to become world heavyweight champion.

1988 Australian tennis player Pat Cash beat the Czech Ivan Lendl in the semi-final of the men’s singles at the Australian Open to go through to the final against Mats Wilander.

People & Showbiz
1997 Gulf War Commander and national hero General Sir Peter de la Billiere was banned from all SAS premises after writing about the regiment’s exploits in his autobiography..

General Events
1962 The A6 murder trial began, with James Hanratty accused of murdering Michael Gregston at a lay-by near Bedford. The murder trial became the longest in British legal history, ending on February 17, with Hanratty being sentenced to hang.

1972 The UK, the Irish Republic and Denmark joined the Common Market.

1984 Anne Maaye gave birth to Britain’s first test tube triplets at Portland Hospital for Women and Children, in London.

1988 The Abortion Bill to reduce the legal limit for abortions from 28 to 18 weeks received a 45-vote majority in a parliamentary debate.

1992 Junior Defence Minister Alan Clark was fined £100 with £120 costs for speeding, having followed a police car at over 99mph. When stopped by police, he claimed he thought he was being escorted.

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