instant response on twitter

Social media demands an instant response…

Social media demands an instant response but what is your definition of “an instant” response?

Today started a little later than planned… wanted to get into my shed for 8am and write a story for my 10am social media engagement heart beat slot but daughter needed a lift to work for 8:30am & on my return a note needed dropping at my son’s school… so it was 9am before I sat down… I’m running late…

But am I really… put the washing on, made a cup of tea… all took less than 5 minutes but ask a child to put on the laundry or tidy their room and it becomes a huge mammoth task that will ruin their lives forever!

They probably know that a few moans and I’ll just get on with it because doing takes less time than negotiation and it can happen quietly with no negative noises… peace 😉

9:15 Check my emails, noticed 7 had booked already (adding to the 30+ over the last 10 days) from my Business in Berkshire Group LinkedIn email that went out at 7:45am to 2260+ members inviting them to a business networking event this Friday… I know that I’m not big on commitment for events until the last minute because business opportunities take priority… so most small business folk are more likely to book 2 days before than 2 weeks before… while others are happier booking 2 weeks before because they like to know what they are doing day to day.

9:30am and I’m thinking, I need to get something written, what to do…

Over to Twitter and @Bloggeries had tweeted me back saying sorry for missing my tweet 17 hours before… perfect… it made me reflect on what is instant to one is so yesterday for another!

What do you consider “an instant” response via social media? Do you need it NOW or can you wait a few days and be happy that it’s likely to be a prompt response from the other party? Comment below…

9:54 sorted with a huge 6 minutes to spare… that will literally be a life time for some critter 😉

Thank you.


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